My First Sex Teacher: Vanilla DeVille / Johnny Castle

My First Sex Teacher: Vanilla DeVille / Johnny Castle

BY JOHN DARON | August 9, 2013

The promise of sex turns enemies to friends and friends to strangers.

Cast: Vanilla DeVille, Johnny Castle, an unnamed male
Release Date: May 23rd, 2013
Publisher: My First Sex Teacher / Naughty America

¬†And you – you’d better get my back on this one, right?

Mere seconds after uttering this phrase, Johnny Castle ushers his friend out of the classroom. His initial resolve against DeVille fades quickly after he is reminded of the fact that his teacher is, in fact, a woman. His anger turns to lust, and in a rare show of pornographic detente, the number of actors is actually reduced to avoid a three-way. This isn’t much of a loss, as the elimination of Castle’s unnamed friend spares the audience the sight of a scrawny, tattooed, Hispanic man deciding which of DeVille’s orifices to fill.

A full two minutes after declaring that he has “had it up to here” with DeVille, Castle unleashes the full force of his change-of-heart:

I just can’t get enough of it. I mean, every day I just get this hard-on for this class; it’s crazy.

Far from being thrown by this totally unprompted ante-upping, DeVille instead seems mildly intrigued by Castle’s “hard-on for this class”. It takes less than a minute from here for her to grab his penis, and things progress quickly from there.

If there is one thing that this film does well relative to other porn films, it is the portrayal of complex social dynamics.

The relationship between Castle and his friend is dynamic, shifting humorously from unified hatred of DeVille to why-don’t-you-wait-outside. Mirroring this pivot is Castle’s relationship with DeVille, which moves from zero to ass-eating in a bit shy of four minutes.

DeVille removes her jacket.The catalyst for this? A simple gesture: DeVille removing her jacket. Castle becomes not only flustered but hopeful, unable to finish his sentences but more than willing to send his friend on his way. Why would a man so seemingly terrified of his teacher forfeit the support of a comrade? For Castle (and, it might be argued, most people) lust is a greater force than fear.

Castle’s concerns about his grade and frustration with DeVille’s teaching techniques evaporate as he sees an opportunity to plant himself in her. His friend, likewise situated from a practical standpoint, is forsaken for a tryst.

And this is where this film diverges meaningfully from others. Neither party gains anything practical from the act. DeVille might not have to be concerned with Castle’s discontent in the future, but, as the teacher, she holds the power in any case so this seems a pointless goal. Castle might have extorted some favors in terms of grades, but he seems more lustful than strategic. Unlike nearly every other film involving a teacher and a student, there is no transaction, no exchange; here, we see two consenting adults having sex without obligations or incentives.

The obvious criticism is that this is just lazy storytelling. It was easier to write a script in which Castle plays the fool and the pair have sex without much reason for doing so besides mutual attraction than to concoct some kind of give-and-take.

The facial.The alternative view is more appealing: since both Castle and DeVille are attractive from a pornographic perspective, neither needs special compensation to have sex with the other. The resulting scene is both more realistic and more optimistic than it otherwise might have been. Despite the finishing facial, one leaves the film with a strange, empathetic lack of shame. Castle and DeVille both make out well here, and while set and script alike tend towards prosaic thinness, the scenario innovates some and contributes to the pornographic zeitgeist.